I don’t know what it is about you man, but people love you and they want to see you succeed.
— Todd Coughlin (Todd Jay Photography)

Who is Payne Productions?

Hello, I am John Payne, a professional photographer and film maker from Columbus, OH.  Although I call Columbus my home, I love to travel and will go anywhere to work with a client.  The fact that something I captured with my camera can strike emotion in the viewer, is very humbling and gratifying for me.  When a person looks at my photos, I want the viewer to feel as if they are there, no matter what the subject matter is.  As a photographer, I love nothing more than to capture amazing moments in time that people will cherish forever. 

Ever since I can remember, I have been very competitive with an extreme passion to be the best at whatever I am doing.  It started with sibling rivalry, carried over to sports at age six, then carried on into my adult life through working with bands, and now with photography & film.  Fueled by an extreme passion to make it as an artist and a goal to never stop growing, I have spent almost 4 years taking on anything that has come my way through photography & film production. Over this time, I have had some amazing & unique opportunities that helped shape me into the self-taught artist that I am today.  This has provided me with a very diverse portfolio that includes bands, motorcycles, weddings, family portraits, sports, animals, and more.  I hope that as long as I stay humble, keep growing as an artist & human, and continue to work as hard as I can...  One day I'll become one of the top artists in my craft that everyone wants to work with no matter what I am shooting.

In May of 2015, I signed a contract with North American Broadcasting Company Inc. to become the special events photographer for 99.7 The Blitz WRKZ.   Since then, I have photographed some of the biggest names in rock & metal, and have found myself shooting from the photo pit at festivals such as LOUDER THAN LIFE, ROCK ON THE RANGE, and JJO SONIC BOOM.  I have been working with bands on the local and national level for 15 years, so I am no stranger to a demanding entertainment industry where over-delivering is not only expected, it's the norm.  I hope to one day find myself on tour with some of the biggest names in the business, capturing amazing live and candid moments to bring to the world. 

I am a big supporter of the military and have worked with charitable organizations including EYES Of FREEDOM - LIMA COMPANY MEMORIAL, MID-OHIO MARINE FOUNDATION, and BIKES FOR THE BRAVE. I enjoy doing charity work with these organizations, and it makes me feel good to know that I can offer something through my art.  As a way to give back, and honor of my late mother, I started hosting a charity dinner once a year in her name, Jenni Payne.  All proceeds from the dinner are split, then donated in her name to a military and animal charity.  These are two things that were very close to my mothers heart, and are very close to my heart as well. I am very grateful to be in a position where I can give back to help others.  #thankaveterantuesday 

My wife Amber and I have been together for 13 years, married for 11.  It's been a long journey for us with extreme highs and lows, but our love for each other has got us through.  Amber has worked very hard to give me the opportunity to start a business, and has been very understanding to the demands I face while chasing these goals & dreams.  One day I hope my successes as an artist will provide the kind of life for Amber that allows her to achieve her dreams as well.  

I am #TEAMCANON and shoot almost exclusively with their camera gear.  I love the performance of their camera bodies, and the Canon L-Series glass is amazing to shoot with!  It doesn't matter if I am shooting a concert or a wedding, I know my gear will perform flawlessly!




Amber & I are big dog lovers, and have owned four dogs over the past 13 years.  Sidney, Julian, Tippy, and Torric. 

We also have a cat named Puddy Head but he only loves Amber.  Our pets are like kids to us, except these kids listen and don't talk back.  Torric is the only dog we currently have, but we plan to get him a friend very soon.  We have even started an Instagram page for Torric if you want to follow.  @torric_the_photog_dog 

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On May 17th 2014 I had the opportunity to capture one of the most epic moments in Rock On The Range history.

Thanks to Mike Strahle with the EYES OF FREEDOM Lima Company Memorial, and Ronni Hunter with 99.7 The Blitz, I had the opportunity to capture one of the most epic moments in Rock On The Range history.  Pop Evil & DMC, performing the remix of "Trenches" with the Eyes Of Freedom paintings and Lima Company 3/25 Marines on stage in front of 40,000 strong.  This entire experience changed a lot of things for me, but most importantly, it brought new family members into my life.  

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Believe It or Not

- I played sports most of my life until I suffered a major knee injury at football practice during my freshman year of high school. I still played sports in my adult life, but I don't really have the time anymore.  Sports I played: Baseball, Football, Diving, and Track & Field. Teams I love:  THE Ohio State Buckeyes, Chicago Bears, New York Yankees. 

- My right arm is almost 5 inches shorter than my left arm because I broke the growth plate in my shoulder during a football game in the 8th grade. 

- Toured for 5 weeks over 2 different tours with the band Bobaflex back in 2013. 

- I was given the nickname "Motion Picture" by one of the Godfather's of rap, Darryl DMC McDaniels of RUN DMC, backstage at Rock On The Range 2014. 

- The only time I like being on the other side of the camera is when I am acting.  I have had a great time acting in short films and music videos, and I would love to act in a major motion picture. 

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little bit about me!


*Banner photo courtesy of Jeremy Moore with ZTP Magazine